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Python Tools for Visual Studio - tell the IDE what type a parameter will be

I just started using Visual Studio 2015, and I really like it, especially the code completion features. Right now I'm writing some simple Python code to draw an object on a Tkinter Canvas:

def draw(self, can):
""" can is a Tkinter canvas on which this node will draw itself. """

This being Python, nowhere in the actual code is it indicated that "can" is going to be a Canvas, so VS can't autocomplete or suggest anything after I type "can." Is there a way I can tell Visual Studio that can will be of type tkinter.Canvas?

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Yes, you can use an assertion statement. This will trigger VS autocomplete settings. It's not the most beautiful way to do it, but I think right now that's the best option.

assert isinstance(can, tkinter.Canvas)

Take a look at this answer for more.

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