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Entity Framework error: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table

I'm getting this error on EF.

Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table
'GroupMembers_New' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF.

The column on the Db is identity increment and on the EF design file,
as well. Seems like EF is trying to insert 0 every time I try to save.

Some suggestions says ID is reserved on tables or drop the table and rerun the scripts.

Any ideas?

Here's some code:

GroupMember groupMember = new GroupMember();
groupMember.GroupId = group.Id;
groupMember.UserId = (new UserId(group.Owner));
//groupMember.Id = _groupContext.GroupMembers.Count();



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Answer Source

I have run into this before. This error means you are trying to assign a value explicitly to a column where the database automatically assigns it.

Suggestion: Update your edmx file to reflect any changes you may have made in the database. If the database automatically assigns the value, you should see the "IsDbGenerated=true" attribute in your designer file under that property. If it's not there, you can add it manually.

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