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empty ng-src doesn't update image

I am using the ng-src directive in order to avoid the browser to request the image before Angular evaluate the expression.

will update the src attribute of the image if the expression "image" change.
I misunderstand why the ng-src directive doesn't update the path of the image if the expression ("myImage.png") become empty ("").

When the expression become empty, the ng-src attribute become empty but the src attribute still the last known src. So it doesn't update the image. Why the src attribute isn't updated (to an empty src) so that the image "disappear".

Here is a plunker


Answer Source

The answer to this is in the Angular code. It's not a bug, it's just the behavior they decided they wanted. Starting on line 13895, you can see this directive code:

forEach(['src', 'srcset', 'href'], function(attrName) {
   var normalized = directiveNormalize('ng-' + attrName);
   ngAttributeAliasDirectives[normalized] = function() {
   return {
      priority: 99, // it needs to run after the attributes are interpolated
      link: function(scope, element, attr) {
          attr.$observe(normalized, function(value) {

         if (!value)

         attr.$set(attrName, value);

         if (msie) element.prop(attrName, attr[attrName]);

The key is in:

if (!value) return;

So as you can see, if you change the ng-src expression to an empty string, this will never change the actual src value. You can get around this doing something MadScone suggested.

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