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YAML Question

In YAML, how do I break a string over multiple lines?

In YAML, I have a string that's very long. I want to keep this within the 80-column (or so) view of my editor, so I'd like to break the string. What's the syntax for this?

In other words, I have this:

Key: 'this is my very very very very very very long string'

and I'd like to have this (or something to this effect):

Key: 'this is my very very very ' +
'long string'

I'd like to use quotes as above, so I don't need to escape anything within the string.

Answer Source

Using yaml folded style, each line break is replaced by a string. The indention in each line will be ignored.

  This is a very long sentence
  that spans several lines in the YAML
  but which will be rendered as a string
  without carriage returns.