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Android APK test - blackbox

I have an apk file and I want to develop and run some tests on it (I just have the apk file, I don't have access to source code).

I found a tutorial about this here and I found a video here but both are for Eclipse and I can't make this work with Android Studio.

There is any way to do it with Android Studio with any Framework? (Robotium, Espresso, Appium, Calabash, etc...) .

Anyone know more about this and can give me some explanation or some examples to follow through?

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The tool I use for automation is called Calabash. The only thing you need is an apk. No source code/building your own version of the app. Its a tool that is very powerful and quite simple to use. I have begun making a video tutorial series for it here

You can use any editor you want - eclipse, android studio, even a basic notepad. The calabash tools run completely independent of an editor. All you need is the android sdk which comes with android studio. You can use tools in the android sdk to help like running emulators, and visually finding ids.

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