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Mysqldump getting error only when trying to output to file

I am using CMD to do a mysqldump. When I run the following command it works fine:

mysqldump -hmyhost -uroot -pmypass mydb

The dump works just fine, however, when it is done, it seems that no
file is created for the mysql dump and it just outputs the db data to the screen.

So, I was trying to output the contents to a file using the following command:

mysqldump -hmyhost -uroot -pmypass mydb > C:/mypath/tofile/testdb_dump.sql

But get the following error:

mysqldump: Error: 'Table ' information_schema.files' doesn't exist when trying to dump tablespaces

I greatly appreciate any feedback as to how to resolve this error and backup the db to an

Many thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Try mysql -u root -pmypass --opt mydb --no-tablespaces > C:\mypath\tofile\testdb_dump.sql

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