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SQL Question

Javascript/Ajax/Jquery Dynamically calculation form on change

I have a small form which is going to be populated from Mysql database and human input. What I want to do is calculate 2 other fields based on the other ones.

Example Form:

  • Indicator (MySQL) (a dropdown)

  • Hour Equivalent (MySQL)

  • SKS Equivalent (MySQL)

  • Amount (User)

  • Hour Total (Amount*Hour Equivalent)

  • SKS Total (Amount*SKS Equivalent)

  • Submit (Button to save into table)

This is an example for the calculation operation that I try to solve

  • Indicator = A

  • Hour Equivalent = 20

  • SKS Equivalent = 15

  • Amount = 2

  • Hour Total (Amount*Hour Equivalent) = 40

  • SKS Total (Amount*SKS Equivalent) = 30

I have searched around and try some of solutions but I can’t quite find what I am looking for, and my skills are not really good in Javascript/Ajax/Jquery so I haven't able to do anything to work, although I have tried miserably.

How to do it?

This is the HTML Form

<legend>PSC Achievement</legend>
<!-- Button Drop Down -->
<div class="form-group">
<label for="buttondropdown">Indicator</label>
<button type="button" data-toggle="dropdown">
<span class="caret"></span>
<ul class="dropdown-menu pull-right">

<label for="txtsks">SKS Equivalent</label>
<input id="txtsks" name="txtSks" type="text">

<label for="txtjam">Hour Equivalent </label>
<input id="txtjam" name="txtHour"type="text">

<label for="textjml">Amount</label>
<input id="textjml" name="txtAmount" type="text">

<label for="Totalhour">Hour Total</label>
<input id="Totalhour" name="Totalhour" type="text">

<label for="Totalsks">SKS Total</label>
<input id="Totalsks" name="Totalsks" type="text">

<label for="btn_submit"></label>
<button id="btn_submit" name="btn_submit">Submit</button>

Answer Source

Your solution here : . Calc function is a result of change event. Result will be displayed after one of fields will be filled

function calc(){



Also, you need to include jquery library to page.

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