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How to change the Region in identity pool ID?

I am working on a mobile app. In which i am using amazon s3 service. For that i make an Identity pool. But when it created it automatically set the region in identity pool id to US-EAST-2. Now the problem is when i use this code

CognitoCachingCredentialsProvider credentialsProvider = new
"us-east-2:*******", // Identity Pool ID
Regions.US_EAST_2 // Region

On line number 5 code Region.US-East-2 give error that it cannot resolved symbol US-East-2.
Please help me here.

Or tell me can i make an identity pool with the region i selected.

Answer Source

Problem Solved:

Actually i was using an old version of amazon mobile sdk and US-East-2 is not included in it. When i use the latest version of amazon mobile sdk the problem solved.

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