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connecting dots in 2 different data sets in R

I have 2 data sets (DSA and DSB) that contain x & y coordinates

tumor<- data.frame(DSA[,c("X_Parameter","Y_Parameter")])
cells<-data.frame(DSB[,c ("X_Parameter","Y_Parameter")])
plot(cells, xlim=c(1,1300), ylim=c(1,1000), col="red")
plot(tumor, xlim=c(1,1300), ylim=c(1,1000), col="blue")

the plots make this graph
enter image description here

I want to be able to draw a connecting line from every red dot to every blue dot.
Does anyone know if this can be done. thanks

DSA=(5,5 6,6 5,6 6,5) DSB=(1,1 10,10 10,1 1,10)
what the plot should look likeenter image description here

Answer Source

Brute-force, perhaps inelegant:

DSA <- data.frame(x = c(5, 6, 5, 6),
                  y = c(5, 6, 6, 5))
DSB <- data.frame(x = c(1, 10, 10, 1),
                  y = c(1, 10, 1, 10))

plot(y ~ x, DSB, col = "red")
points(DSA, col = "blue")
for (r in seq_len(nrow(DSA))) {
  segments(DSA$x[r], DSA$y[r], DSB$x, DSB$y)

brute force segments

Edit: more directly:

nA <- nrow(DSA)
nB <- nrow(DSB)
plot(y ~ x, DSB, col = "red")
points(DSA, col = "blue")
segments(rep(DSA$x, each = nB),  rep(DSA$y, each = nB),
         rep(DSB$x, times = nA), rep(DSB$y, times = nA))

(I still can't figure out an elegant solution with @42's recommendation for combn or outer.)

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