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NSString containsString crashes

I'm trying to filter an array according to one of it's string fields.

Both nameLower and filterLower has NSString value inside, and yet i keep getting:

__NSCFString containsString:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f876b79e160

-(void) filterFriendsArray:(NSString*)filter {
[_filteredFriendsArray removeAllObjects];
for (FacebookUser* user in _friendsArray)
NSString* nameLower = [ lowercaseString];
NSString* filterLower = [filter lowercaseString];
if ([nameLower containsString:filterLower])
[_filteredFriendsArray addObject:user];
_displayedFriendsArray = _filteredFriendsArray;

Answer Source

If you want your code to work on iOS 7 as well as iOS 8 you should use one of the rangeOfString calls instead. Basically if the range returned has a length of zero, the substring is not there.

/* These methods return length==0 if the target string is not found. So, to check for containment: ([str rangeOfString:@"target"].length > 0).  Note that the length of the range returned by these methods might be different than the length of the target string, due composed characters and such.
- (NSRange)rangeOfString:(NSString *)aString;
- (NSRange)rangeOfString:(NSString *)aString options:(NSStringCompareOptions)mask;
- (NSRange)rangeOfString:(NSString *)aString options:(NSStringCompareOptions)mask range:(NSRange)searchRange;
- (NSRange)rangeOfString:(NSString *)aString options:(NSStringCompareOptions)mask range:(NSRange)searchRange locale:(NSLocale *)locale NS_AVAILABLE(10_5, 2_0);

Obviously it's trivial to implement containsString yourself in a category using rangeOfString:

@implementation NSString (Contains)

- (BOOL)myContainsString:(NSString*)other {
  NSRange range = [self rangeOfString:other];
  return range.length != 0;

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