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How do I strtotime in python?

I'm scraping a a page that includes among other things, date information. So I have a variable named

that contains
-- I want to store this as a machine readable date. PHP has a handy
function that works fabulously. I was hoping that datetime's strptime would help me but it doesn't seem to be available in my version of
-- here is everything in my tab complete on

In [231]: datetime.
datetime.MAXYEAR datetime.__hash__ datetime.__sizeof__
datetime.MINYEAR datetime.__init__ datetime.__str__
datetime.__class__ datetime.__name__ datetime.__subclasshook__
datetime.__delattr__ datetime.__new__
datetime.__dict__ datetime.__package__ datetime.datetime
datetime.__doc__ datetime.__reduce__ datetime.datetime_CAPI
datetime.__file__ datetime.__reduce_ex__ datetime.time
datetime.__format__ datetime.__repr__ datetime.timedelta
datetime.__getattribute__ datetime.__setattr__ datetime.tzinfo

I'm using iPython 2.7.2+

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? What's the best way to turn
into a date?

Answer Source

strptime() is definitely the right approach, it's just a class method for the datetime class (confusingly part of the datetime module).

That is, datetime.datetime.strptime() is what you're looking for (and not datetime.strptime().

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