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Changing Permissions of Google Container Engine Cluster

I have been able to successfully create a Google Container Cluster in the developers console and have deployed my app to it. This all starts up fine, however I find that I can't connect to Cloud SQL, I get;

"Error: Handshake inactivity timeout"

After a bit of digging, I hadn't had any trouble connecting to the Database from App Engine or my local machine so I thought this was a little strange. It was then I noticed the cluster permissions...

When I select my cluster I see the following;


User info Disabled
Compute Read Write
Storage Read Only
Task queue Disabled
BigQuery Disabled
Cloud SQL Disabled
Cloud Datastore Disabled
Cloud Logging Write Only
Cloud Platform Disabled

I was really hoping to use both Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL in my Container Engine Nodes. I have allowed access to each of these API's in my project settings and my Cloud SQL instance is accepting connections from any IP (I've been running Node in a Managed VM on App Engine previously), so my thinking is that Google is Explicitly disabling these API's.

So my two part question is;

  • Is there any way that I can modify these permissions?

  • Is there any good reason why these API's are disabled? (I assume there must be)

Any help much appreciated!

Answer Source

The permissions are defined by the service accounts attached to your node VMs during cluster creation (service accounts can't be changed after a VM is instantiated, so this the only time you can pick the permissions).

If you use the cloud console, click the "More" link on the create cluster page and you will see a list of permissions that you can add to the nodes in your cluster (all defaulting to off). Toggle any on that you'd like and you should see the appropriate permissions after your cluster is created.

If you use the command line to create your cluster, pass the --scopes command to gcloud container clusters create to set the appropriate service account scopes on your node VMs.

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