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C++/Cereal: Exception while deserializing from JSON to own class

I'm trying to load parameters from a JSON file into my own parameter class using cereal (v1.12) on VS2013.

Compilation and loading into a POD works fine, but loading into my own class throws


Here is my code:

#include <iostream>
#include "cereal/archives/json.hpp"

struct CMyStruct {
CMyStruct(int f_value) : m_value(f_value) {}
int m_value;

template<class Archive> void load(Archive& ar, CMyStruct& parameter) {
int input;
parameter.m_value = input;

void test_cereal() {
int l_scalar_i(42);
CMyStruct l_scalar(42);

std::ifstream l_jsonFile("example_minimal.json");
cereal::JSONInputArchive l_ar(l_jsonFile);

l_ar( cereal::make_nvp("scalar", l_scalar_i) ); // WORKS
l_ar( cereal::make_nvp("scalar", l_scalar) ); // throws cereal::RapidJSONException


The JSON file:

"bool": false,
"scalar": 3

Following the call stack shows that document.h:244 inside RapidJSON throws the exception:

ConstMemberIterator MemberEnd() const
{ RAPIDJSON_ASSERT(IsObject()); return data_.o.members + data_.o.size; }

However, I have no idea what to make of it. How can I make my code work?

Thanks a lot!


As written by ChrisBFX, it is necessary to implement load_minimal/save_minimal in order to deserialize an C++ object to a JSON scalar.

load/save on the other hand serializes a C++ object from/to a JSON object.

For my code, the load() function has to be removed and replaced by this:

template<class Archive>
int save_minimal(const Archive& ar,
const CMyStruct& parameter)
return parameter.m_value;

template<class Archive>
void load_minimal(const Archive& ar,
CMyStruct& parameter,
const int & value_i)
parameter.m_value = value_i;

Now it works like a charm! :-)

Answer Source

Your CMStruct is not a scalar but an object. So cereal expects

    "bool": false,
    "scalar": {
        "value": 3

If you want to serialize your struct as a scalar you have to provide a minimal_load function for it. See "minimal split serialization".

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