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How can I load more data on scrolling down with FirebaseIndexRecyclerAdapter

I have data that was insert PostKey and Rating by cloud function. Following this picture newfeed, post

and I use FirebaseIndexRecyclerAdapter to get data

FirebaseIndexRecyclerAdapter<Post, FeedFragment.PostViewHolder> firebaseIndexRecyclerAdapter = new FirebaseIndexRecyclerAdapter<Post, FeedFragment.PostViewHolder>(
) {

Solution that I was thinks is

  1. First one is orderByValue() and load StartAt(0) to EndAt(5) when scrolled to bottom it called StartAt(0) to EndAt(10) and so on but each time will load old data that could wasted traffic.

  2. Second one is create new reference suppose is "newfeed-post" that have only top 5 items ordered by rating that get from "newfeed" and when I scroll down to load more I request to cloud function to let cloud function insert more 5 items from "newfeed" to "newfeed-post" that lower rating (eg. position 6-10).

Please help and let me know how to do this. Thanks :D

Answer Source

Pagination is not supported by FirebaseUI-Android components. They currently require you to provide a single query that yields all the results to display. There is no way to progressively supply more queries as a list is scrolled. Also see the discussion in this issue on the Github repo for FirebaseUI-Android.

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