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Play framework routes, and scala predef values

I develop application on play framework 2.2
I have a routes file like this:

GET /posting/ controllers.posting.BlogController.allPosts()
GET /posting/:number controllers.posting.BlogController.allPosts(number: Int)

And BlogContriller:

object BlogController extends Controller {

def allPosts(pageNumber:Int = 1, postsPerPage:Int = 10) = Action{
val posts = Post.getLastNPosts(postsPerPage, postsPerPage*(pageNumber-1))
val htmlPosts = new Html(new StringBuilder());

for (post <- posts){
val htmlPost =, post.getText, post.getDate.toString)
htmlPosts += htmlPost;


When I try to comile that, I give a error:

Error:(14, -1) Play 2 Compiler: C:\...\conf\routes:14: Compilation error[Using different overloaded methods is not allowed. If you are using a single method in combination with default parameters, make sure you declare them all explicitly.]
GET /posting/:number controllers.posting.BlogController.allPosts(number: Int)

And I can't understand how to fix that. Can anyone help me?

Answer Source

You can must use parameter with default value:

GET  /posting/          controllers.posting.BlogController.allPosts(number: Int = 1)
GET  /posting/:number   controllers.posting.BlogController.allPosts(number: Int)

You may not use overloaded methods allPosts(Int) and allPosts. Since you declared allPosts with two parameters with default values, Scala sees this method as 4 different methods. You may only use one of them.

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