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ng-cloak doesn't help for angular ui-router for hiding elements while template parsing

I'm using angular ui-router.

I want to show something if

<div ng-show="total > 0">

While the template is downloaded and shown immediately we can see a flicker of the div, before the controller loads
$scope.total =

One would think that
is undefined in the beginning hence the div would be hidden, but I think the template isn't yet parsed, it's just shown raw. I tried using ng-cloak but it doesn't seem to help. Ngcloak is supposed to be used while angular is booting up, but I'm using ui-router so the angular stack is already loaded. How can I hide my elements on the template without resorting to ui-router resolves?

I'm using angular 1.2.8 and ui-router 0.2.7.

Ned Ned
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PLease check this one, seems like solution to your problem.


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