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Swift Question

How can I create a Java enum with associated values like Swift enum?

To be clear I am not asking how to do enums in java. I am asking if there is something in java that is complementary to Swifts associated values in enums. This is not just simply how do I store values on enums. Take a look at the example I provided and you will see the difference.

So an iOS developer was showing me an architecture where he used swifts enum associated values. This concept seemed interesting to me I and as an android developer I was curious to see if its possible in java without being overly verbose. What is the equivalent with Java enums? Or is it not possible?

Here is an example of what I mean by Associated Values. Its pulled form the apple docs.

enum Barcode {
case UPCA(Int, Int, Int, Int)
case QRCode(String)

// Instantiated
var productBarcode = Barcode.UPCA(8, 85909, 51226, 3)
// or
productBarcode = .QRCode("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP")

switch productBarcode {
case .UPCA(let numberSystem, let manufacturer, let product, let check):
println("UPC-A: \(numberSystem), \(manufacturer), \(product), \(check).")
case .QRCode(let productCode):
println("QR code: \(productCode).")

Answer Source

For me with Java enums this will not be possible.

To be close to your posted snippet you would be verbose, as you already assume.


enum BarcodeType {

factory class

abstract class Barcode {

    abstract public BarcodeType getType();

    public static final Barcode newUPCA(int numberSystem, int manufacturer, int product, int check) {
        return new BarcodeUPCA(numberSystem, manufacturer, product, check);

    public static final Barcode newQRCode(String productCode) {
        return new BarcodeQRCode(productCode);

concrete implementation UPCA

class BarcodeUPCA extends Barcode {
    private final int numberSystem;
    private final int manufacturer;
    private final int product;
    private final int check;

    public BarcodeUPCA(int numberSystem, int manufacturer, int product, int check) {
        this.numberSystem = numberSystem;
        this.manufacturer = manufacturer;
        this.product = product;
        this.check = check;

    public int getNumberSystem() {
        return numberSystem;

    public int getManufacturer() {
        return manufacturer;

    public int getProduct() {
        return product;

    public int getCheck() {
        return check;

    public BarcodeType getType() {
        return BarcodeType.UPCA;

concrete implementation QRCode

class BarcodeQRCode extends Barcode {

    private final String productCode;

    public BarcodeQRCode(String productCode) {
        this.productCode = productCode;

    public String getProductCode() {
        return productCode;

    public BarcodeType getType() {
        return BarcodeType.QRCode;

demo application

public class BarcodeMain {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        List<Barcode> barcodes = new ArrayList<>();
        barcodes.add(Barcode.newUPCA(8, 85909, 51226, 3));

        for (Barcode barcode : barcodes) {
            switch (barcode.getType()) {
                case UPCA: {
                    BarcodeUPCA b = (BarcodeUPCA) barcode;
                    System.out.printf("UPC-A: %d, %d, %d, %d%n",
                case QRCode: {
                    BarcodeQRCode b = (BarcodeQRCode) barcode;
                    System.out.printf("QR code: %s%n", b.getProductCode());
                    System.err.println("unhandled type: " + barcode.getType());


UPC-A: 8, 85909, 51226, 3
QR code: foobar
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