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How to check that the anaconda package was properly installed

I'm completely new to Python and want to use it for data analysis. I just installed Python 2.7 on my mac running OSX 10.8. I need the NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib and csv packages. I read that I could simply install the Anaconda package and get all in one. So I went ahead and downloaded/installed Anaconda 1.7.

However, when I type in:
import numpy as np

I get an error telling me that there is no such module. I assume this has to do with the location of the installation, but I can't figure out how to:
A. Check that everything is actually installed properly
B. Check the location of the installation.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Answer Source

You can determine which version of python you are running when you get the error by looking at the results of which python from the commandline. It is likely that you are running the system version (although recent versions Mac OS X include numpy in its system python), rather than Anaconda's python distribution. If this is the case, you need to modify your PATH as suggested by Anaconda at the end of the install process. Assuming it was installed in ~/anaconda, you would need to add something like:

export PATH=$HOME/anaconda/bin:$PATH

to your .bash_profile

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