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Security of files in android

We are trying to create an app which will download eBook from server and store it locally on sdcard. We tried to DRM eBooks, after we download an eBook the DRM will take care of the security of the eBook. But later due to some reasons we left the DRM concept. Now I want to know whether we can store the eBook securely in the sdcard. The user cannot do any operations in the file other than viewing. Can we store the file in some other location where the user cannot view the file at all. In iOS we can download the file inside the Bundle itself, but for android???. We tried storing the pdf as a BLOB file in DB and tried to read it from there, in that case also we need to write the file and then read it. I am really confused on this Issue, can someone suggest me a good approach on how to proceed further. Any help would be really appreciable.

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Files stored on the external storage are easy to read by other applications or from user's PC. You might need to encrypt your files if you don't want anybody else to get access. Well encrypted files can be places anywhere in the system without any risks of being read.

Storing files on the internal storage in your case does not sound good, because there are still too many devices out there with the limited amount of internal storage, where every megabyte counts.

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