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nodeJs: how to disable google account chooser and pass only one mail id

This link redirects to account chooser, but I dont wanna choose any one account. In nodejs I need to disable account chooser, Is it possible to disable in nodejs and pass email in the url itself but not redirect to account chooser. (By default I wanna send any one id( along with the url)

This URL is used to produce 'code' value using that code value the access token for specified user will be get. I am doing it by systematically to get the code and proceed with getting the access token. For each time I am generating the URL its redirecting me to account chooser. Instead of that I wanna send my email id along with the URL, so that I no need to manually select the account to get the code and proceed with it.


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Try this:

URL + &login_hint=emailid. It will work fine