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querySelectorAll select children but not grandchildren Vanilla Javascript

This may seem like a duplicate to Selecting <li> child node but not grandchildren with vanilla JavaScript and Selecting children elements but NOT grandchildren, but it is a good bit different.

I have an element in js:

var element = document.getElementBySomething(...);

The element has a lot of children with class
, some of them children, and some of them grandchildren.

This element is being passed into a function for further use...

In this function, how would you get only the children (not grandchildren) of the element using

I tried the following:

element.querySelectorAll(" > .layer")

However, this does not work, as it is not a valid css selector.

I know it is possible to do something like:
querySelectorAll("#my_id > .layer")
, but I already have an element passed into a function, which may not have an id, class, etc. that I can easily identify it with.

How would I go about doing this?

Something like:
document.querySelectorAll(element + " > .layer")

Thanks for the help!

Answer Source

You can filter element's children. Working demo.

// matchSelector
var matches = (function(p){
  return p.matches 
         || p.webkitMatchesSelector
         || p.mozMatchesSelector
         || p.msMatchesSelector 

var layers = [].filter.call(element.children, function(el) { 
  return matches.call(el, '.layer')
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