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Dart Question

WebStorm solution with several Dart projects

I develop Dart with WebStorm. I have a server-project, a client-project and some shared code.

Is it possible to create a project solution, containing several Dart projects (like you can do in VisualStudio)? Or is it common to develop each project in it's own WebStorm window?

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You can put the project directories together in a directory and then open that directory instead.

There are also ways with project root configurations to do that with projects that are not in the same directory but I did't bother to try to understand how this exactly work.

I moved away from this setup and use different windows for different projects a while ago because I don't want to maintain project configurations. I have many Dart projects that are reusable packages that I use in many other projects.

Using one window for one Dart package seems to be the easiest setup. I configured keyboard shortcuts (there are probably defaults anyway) for easier switching between WebStorm windows.

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