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How to implement dependent input fields Jquery?

I'm building a invoice system where item name and price retrieved from database . Price is dependent on item name .

Now i have to do this .

Price: <Input type="text" id="price" name="price" />
Qty : <Input type="text" id="qty" name="qty" />
Tax : <Input type="text" id="tax" name="tax" />
Discount : <Input type="text" id="disc" name="disc" />
Total : <Input type="text" id="total" name="total" value=" echo $total;"/>

I want to autofill total input field without reloading with this following formula

$total = $price * $qty + $tax - $disc;

Answer Source

need to assign class in your html, and some jquery script,

//Assign Amount class in your 4 html fields

    Price: <Input type="text" id="price" name="price" class="amount" />
    Qty : <Input type="text" id="qty" name="qty" class="amount"/>
    Tax : <Input type="text" id="tax" name="tax" class="amount"/>
    Discount : <Input type="text" id="disc" name="disc" class="amount"/>
    Total : <Input type="text" id="total" name="total"  value=" echo $total;"/>

    $( document ).ready(function() {
        var price = $("#price").val();
        var qty = $("#qty").val();
        var tax = $("#tax").val();
        var disc = $("#disc").val();
        var total = $("#total").val();
        total = ((parseFloat(price) * parseFloat(qty) + parseFloat(tax) - parseFloat(disc);
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