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Objective-C Question

Break from an if statement into the else section

I have an if/else statement.

if (something) {
//run if logic
} else {
//run else logic

During my
if logic phase
, I may find something that makes me want to run the else portion of my if/else statement instead. The logic phase is too complex to just fit in the initial conditional,

Is there anything like
that can be used to jump to the
portion of an if/else statement.

I'm currently doing this, but I dislike using goto

if (something) {
//run if logic
if (somethingComplex) {
goto elseSomething;
} else {
//run else logic

Note again that
is a boolean state achieved by running some complex code too big/multi-lined to fit in my initial if conditional, otherwise I would have just done:
if (something && somethingComplex)
, and if I calculate somethingComplex before the first conditional is called I can get false-positive results. on

Answer Source

I'd use a boolean flag set beforehand, and not use if/else but rather two separate if statements, like this (this is Swift code, but it's the same structure):

var needToDoSomethingElseComplex = false
if something {
    // do stuff
    if somethingComplex {
        needToDoSomethingElseComplex = true
if !something || needToDoSomethingElseComplex {
    // do something else complex
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