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xcode positioning Text below image in button

I am able to set the image and text for button. But it is aligned horizontally. I want the image and text to be aligned vertically inside the button. i.e., text below the image

How to make these changes using xcode ?

What I want is this:
enter image description here

What I am getting now is this:
enter image description here

Answer Source

Yes you can do it from storyboard without writing any logic also.

1) Select button and go to Attribute Inspector in your storyboard.

2) Assign Image to the button. (Don't use background Image)

3) Set Title text to that button.

4) Now you need to set edge and Inset so first select image from edge and set Inset as you need and then select title from edge and set inset as per your need.

Hope this helps.

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