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How to round floats to scaled integers?

to further explain my title: I have an array of floats which I want to round, HOWEVER, I want to round the numbers to a number that isn't the closest integer. For example, let's say I want the numbers to be rounded to the nearest integer that is a multiple of 2. This is what I have:

Temp = np.around(data,0)

being an array of floats. The numbers are rounded to the closest integer, but I want them to be rounded to the closest multiple of 2. My goal:

0.9 -> 0

1.1 -> 2



Answer Source

A multiple of two is straightforward:

x = np.array([0.9, 1.1, 10.2, 7.4])

2*np.round(x/2)   # array([  0.,   2.,  10.,   8.])

But there's not a universal approach to this. For example there's no obvoius "round to the nearest Fibonacci number". Consider the formula for multiple of 2 as, given a function f(x)=2*x: 1) first apply the inverse of f (divide in this case), 2) then round, 3) then apply f to result. For this to work, f must exist, have an inverse, and the result must also be an int; so it only works for a few functions.

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