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C# Question

C# Winforms bold treeview node doesn't show whole text

I'm using the following code to make my treenodes bold:

Font font = new Font(tvQuestionSequence.Font, FontStyle.Bold);

foreach (QuestionnaireBuilder_Category cat in categories)
TreeNode node = new TreeNode();

node.Text = cat.Description;
node.Name = cat.Id.ToString();

node.NodeFont = font;


But the text of the bold nodes is not displayed correctly. The last letter(s) are not shown. How come? And how to solve this problem?


I've found that this is a Windows issue. A workaround for this problem is this:

In the form constructor set the font of the treeview to bold. When adding nodes which must not be bold, change the font to regular:

// Constructor of your form
public Form() 

    Font font = new Font(tvQuestionSequence.Font, FontStyle.Bold);
    tvQuestionSequence.Font = font;

// Add regular nodes (not bold)
Font font = new Font(tvQuestionSequence.Font, FontStyle.Regular);

TreeNode treeNode = new TreeNode();
treeNode.Text = "Foo";
treeNode.NodeFont = font;

TreeNode parent = tvQuestionSequence.Nodes.Find("parent", true);