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Java Question

Can enums be non static?

I have the following public enum:

public enum CommandObject {
private Collection<String> validOptions = new ArrayList<>();

protected Collection<String> getValidOptions() {
return validOptions;

protected boolean hasValidOptions() {
return !validOptions.isEmpty();

protected CommandObject addValidOption(String option) {
return this;

public static CommandObject argsetOf(String... args) {
CommandObject result = STRING;
for (String option : args) {
return result;

but it seems, that
returns always the same collection no matter what instance I call.

For example when calling
the collection always consists of

Does somebody know any workaround for this? I need this enum to have a "non static" attribute.

It doesn't need to be an enum, but should still be simple to use.

Answer Source

Enums are always static, implicitly.

A workaround here might be to store the collections externally to the enum, e.g. a non-static map externally to the enum, with the enum values as keys:

Map<CommandObject, Collection<String>>

Then you can have as many separate instances of this map as you like, but are still associating the collections with a particular enum value.

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