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Node.js Question

How to make async API calls with rate limit for a particular timespan?

I am working on project in which I have to make almost 500+ calls in one go from my NodeJS server to third party server. The problem is that third party server has a limit of maximum 50 calls in a second. Can you please help me to implement the logic for making only specified number of calls in one second. The technology/language used in my project is NodeJS with HapiJS framework.

Thank you in advance.

Answer Source

You might use async.js eachlLimit with desired delay and simultaneous connections. It would be like:

async.eachLimit(['ur11','ur12','ur13' /*and so on*/], 50/* how many simultaneous requests*/,  function (url, callback) {
    request(url, /*params*/ function(err, result){
        //handle err and result
        setTimeout(callback, 100 /*you desired delay*/)  

}, function (err) {
    // all requests done
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