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Editing text generated by WooCommerce

First time to ask a question here.. I searched and searched for the answer but it's a pretty niche question and difficult to google, so here I am.

I have a wordpress theme using woocommerce and in the "cart" page there is a section at the bottom left that calculates the cart totals. Underneath this section is a portion of "fine" print that says "Note: Shipping and taxes are estimated (taxes estimated for the United States (US)) and will be updated during checkout based on your billing and shipping information."

I'm looking for the correct file to edit this piece of text, basically I want to remove the "(US))" portion. I have searched through the plugins directory and many of the theme and woocommerce javascript and css files but haven't been able to find where/how this is generated.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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This should be the path

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