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MySQL Question

How to get all matching words except those in parentheses? Regex/Mysql

Here is the example I have:

JELLY2some text

some text{JELLY2}some textsome textsome text
Sample text for testing:
some textJELLY2 {some text JELLY2 lsdkfjsd}„Āęsome text

I want to get all
except those in parentheses like:



{some text JELLY2 lsdkfjsd}


I need to get data by select statement, something like:

SELECT `id` FROM `table` WHERE `body` REGEXP 'JELLY2'

Or maybe, if it's possible with RLIKE or some other way?

SELECT `id` FROM `table` WHERE `body` RLIKE 'JELLY2'

Answer Source

Use a negated character class and start/end anchors:

FROM table
WHERE body RLIKE '^([^{]*(\{[^}]*\})?)*JELLY2([^{]*(\{[^}]*\})?)*$'

See live demo.

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