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CSS Question

CSS Scrollbar width

Folks, is it possible to increase the width of a scrollbar on a

element placed inside the

I am not talking about the default scrollbar on the browser itself, this page runs in full screen mode and because the browser scrollbar never comes into picture, the inner
element has its own scrollbar.

Answer Source

If you are talking about the scrollbar that automatically appears on a div with overflow: scroll (or auto), then no, that's still a native scrollbar rendered by the browser using normal OS widgets, and not something that can be styled(*).

Whilst you can replace it with a proxy made out of stylable divs and JavaScript as suggested by Matt, I wouldn't recommend it for the general case. Script-driven scrollbars never quite behave exactly the same as real OS scrollbars, causing usability and accessibility problems.

(*: Except for the IE colouring styles, which I wouldn't really recommend either. Apart from being IE-only, using them forces IE to fall back from using nice scrollbar images from the current Windows theme to ugly old Win95-style scrollbars.)

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