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AngularJS Search Change Event

I need an event like

but for the $ variable. I am calling $'newview'), and need a way to know when it changes.


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You should use $scope.$watch:

$scope.$watch(function(){ return $ }, function(){
  // reaction

See more about $watch in Angular docs.

If you are just looking for the addition of 'newview', to the query string the above code will work.

i.e. from http://server/page to http://server/page?newvalue

However, if you are looking for a change in 'newview' the above code will not work.

i.e from http://server/page?newvalue=a to http://server/page?newvalue=b

You will need to use the 'objectEquality' param to the call to $watch. This causes $watch to use value equality, instead of object reference equality.

$scope.$watch(function(){ return $ }, function(){
  // reaction
}, true);

Notice the addition of 3rd param (true).

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