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C# Question

Open WPF window in WindowsForm APP

I added to my WindowsForm APP a new WPF window called novoLogin.

After adding it, i added the system.xaml reference....debug fine.

Now I'm trying to open this new window from the existing windowsForm.

novoLogin nl = new novoLogin();

And debugger is giving this error:
Error 1 'WindowsFormsApplication1.novoLogin' does not contain a definition for 'show' and no extension method 'show' accepting a first argument of type 'WindowsFormsApplication1.novoLogin' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Answer Source

This brief article explains how you can achieve this.

If you find yourself in need to open a WPF Window from a WinForms program, this is one way to do it (works for me):

  1. Create/Add a new project of type WPF Custom Control Library
  2. Add a new Item of type Window (WPF)
  3. Do your thing with the WPF Window
  4. From your WinForms app, create and open the WPF Window

    using System;  
    using System.Windows.Forms;  
    using System.Windows.Forms.Integration;  
    var wpfwindow = new WPFWindow.Window1(); 
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