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Flask delete routes added with add_url()

at app init i'm dynamically loading URL's from the DB, adding them with

As the behavior is CMS like, my user can delete or change the url for some pages so i need to sometimes delete a mapping or reload all url mappings.

Does anyone know a way to do this?



Flask (which relies on Werkzeug) is designed to allow the user to easily add, not delete, routes. However you can try to delete routes yourself; each route is added to url_map in the Flask.add_url_rule() method. It is probably enough to remove the route from Map._rules and Map._rules_by_endpoint (see the Map.add() method) and call Map.update() with _remap.

But this will not work in general, for example when creating a route that delegates to a view function in a separate dict:

_routes = {}

@app.route('/<path:url>', marthods=['GET', 'POST'])
def route(url):
    handler = _routes.get(url, None)
    if handler is not None:
        return handler()