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nodejs mssql - Too many parameters passed Stored procedure

I running into "Too many parameters passed" to stored procedure while trying to run a stored procedure in NodeJs using mssql.


//This computerName is what we'll find in our mssql server to see
//if the server entry exist or not and the stored procedure will take this as a parameter.
var computerName = "";
var secProfile = "";

// If computerName passed is valid and not null.
//if (computerName != "") {
var sql = require('mssql');

var config = {
user: 'dbuser',
password: 'secure9ass',
server: '',
database: 'DBName',
pool: {
max: 10,
min: 0,
idleTimeoutMillis: 30000

sql.connect(config).then(function(output) {
// Stored Procedure
new sql.Request()
.input("ComputerName", sql.VarChar(100), computerName)
.output('sqlOutput', sql.VarChar(1000), "Stored procedure has not run yet!!")
.execute('dbo.getSysStatus_ByName').then(function(recordsets) {
}).catch(function(err) {
// ... error checks
console.log('ERROR1::: ' + err)
console.log('ERROR2::: '+ sqlOutput);
console.log('ERROR3::: '+ request.parameters.sqlOutput.value);
}).catch(function(err) {
// ... error checks
console.log('ERROR5::: '+ err);

Error: Too many parameters passed to procedure name: getSysStatus_ByName

I checked in the Database that the stored procedure has only one parameter that it's expecting and the parameter is: ComputerName

I know I'm missing just the name of the parameter but I have tried

.input("@ComputerName", sql.VarChar(100), computerName)


.input("computerName", sql.VarChar(100), computerName)


.input("computername", sql.VarChar(100), computerName)

Nothing worked and gives me the same error. Also, tried to change the parameter type from sql.VarChar(xxx) to sql.Int (in this case, it errors out saying invalid type so I know sql.VarChar(xxx) is good.

One of the .vb (visual basic) script which runs successfully have the following code lines and it works. I'm wondering why my code in nodejs is giving me the error.

Set objCmd = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")

ObjCmd.ActiveConnection = Conn

ObjCmd.CommandTimeout = 180 'in seconds

ObjCmd.CommandType = 4 'Stored Procedure

ObjCmd.CommandText = "dbo.getSysStatus_ByName"

objCmd.Parameters.Append objCmd.CreateParameter("@ComputerName", 200, 1, 1024, ComputerName)

As per CreateParameter (ADO help page), it says, 200 is the # for

adVarChar 200 A string value (Parameter object only).

1 means: direction variable (where 1 is for an Input Parameter in my case) and
1024 is the size of the input variable.

I don't have VPN connection to try but I hope the error is not coming due to 1024 vs 1000 size (in my code example for .input(..) line.). I'll test it tomorrow.

Answer Source

If you specify the OUTPUT keyword for a parameter in the procedure definition than only you get the privilege to use the below line; when you are defining sql.Request()

.output('sqlOutput', sql.VarChar(1000), "Stored procedure has not run yet!!")

Using OUTPUT type in stored procedure just for an example considering your case:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.getSysStatus_ByName    
    @ComputerName varchar(100),  
    @sqlOutput VarChar(1000) OUTPUT  

If your stored procedure doesn't have the OUTPUT parameter and it simply returns the recordsets you can fetch the same via function callback :

   .execute('dbo.getSysStatus_ByName').then(function(recordsets) {
    //recordsets is an result return by your executed stored procedure  })

SQL Server with NODE.JS - Get started

As in your case your stored procdeure doesn't contain any Output type so you can simply remove /comment out below line :

.output('sqlOutput', sql.VarChar(1000), "Stored procedure has not run yet!!")

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