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How to use a regex to get a particular part of a string

I'm creating a Sinatra-based application, and am trying to parse a long string using regex to pull out a link from it.

Here's an excerpt of the string with the relevant information that I need to extract:

time=18ms\n[INFO] Calculating CPD for 0 files\n[INFO] CPD calculation finished\n[INFO] Analysis report generated in 325ms, dir size=14 KB\n[INFO] Analysis reports compressed in 187ms, zip size=8 KB\n[INFO] Analysis report uploaded in 31ms\n[INFO] ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL, you can browse http://sonar.company.com/dashboard/index/com.company.paas.maventestproject:MavenTestProject\n[INFO] Note that you will be able to access the updated dashboard once the server has processed the submitted analysis report\n[INFO] More about the report processing at http://sonar.company.com/api/ce/task?id=AVhFxTkyob-dgWZqnfIn\n[INFO] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

I need to be able to pull the following:


The closest I got was with
but that's not close to what I need as it found 615 matches instead of 1.

The problem also is that the id
is not static, changing per build.

I've been using Rubular.com to find the proper regex I need to use.

Answer Source
>> string = '[your long string here]'
>> regex = /(http:[\w\/.?=-]+)(\\n)/
>> string.scan(regex).first.first
=> "http://sonar.company.com/api/ce/task?id=AVhFxTkyob-dgWZqnfIn"

Following the example above, I ended up modifying the regex to the following:


.. and return it like this:


The reason why I modified the regex is because the previous regex, ended up with a lot of results when plugging in the full string rather than the excerpt that's in the OP.

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