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How to use ACTION_VIEW intent when loading image with Glide

I know that I can use an ACTION_VIEW intent if I have the image saved physically on the device. But in my case I laod the images dynamically from an url, like this:


Now I want to be able to open the image located at
with the user's preferred gallery app when he clicks a button. How can I do that? Is it even possible or do I have to download and save the image?

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I fixed it. Basically Glide stores the downloaded image in the cache, and I couldn't get a download file path. So I did the following:

When the user clicks the "share" button I will download the image again (with glide) and save it in a .jpg file in the user's sdcard. Then I will use an ACTION_VIEW intent with the uri of the downloaded jpg.

Then the image stays saved in the user's gallery.

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