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How to Rid of Large Spacing in CKEditor?

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I installed CKEditor, i found it causes large space between lines even though i'm just pressing enter once to move to the next! I have to press "Shift" for every enter to have the breakline! Any idea on how to make it work without pressing Shift?

Line 2 caused by pressing Shift + enter.
Line 3 caused by just pressing Enter.

I'm using PHP

Answer Source

You can set in your config.js to use a <br> instead of <p> while hitting the ENTER key:

config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR;

The available flags are

CKEDITOR.ENTER_P (1) – new <p> paragraphs are created;
CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR (2) – lines are broken with <br> elements;
CKEDITOR.ENTER_DIV (3) – new <div> blocks are created.

Look on the docs for enterMode for further details

Expanding on Josepth Silber answer (that he know deleted.. He suggested using config.autoParagraph = false; ), IIRC (the Manual is not really clear on what create wrapping blocks around inline contents means), the autoParagraph config adds a <p></p> pair around each inline content inside the body. So, even if you hit Enter on an empty line, it will generate <p></p> (or <p>&nbsp;</p>, if so configured). The manual suggest leaving that option as it is, though (so set to true);

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