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AngularJS Question

Fade effect for tabs in ui-bootstrap (Angular.JS)

How can I add fade animation to a tabset using angular-ui-bootstrap?

For example, given the following code:

<tab heading="Tab1">Some content</tab>
<tab heading="Tab2">Other content</tab>

I would like the content of the tabs to fade when switching between them. I tried to add the
class to the
tags (similar to how you would do it with the bootstrap3 js file), but it didn't work.

Many thanks!


Since tabset use ng-class to control "active" tab, which allow us to define fade effect with angular animation by setting opacity=0 when "active" class is removed/attached.

First, you need to load ngAnimate module by including angular-animate.js and set up dependency.

Add to your <head>:

<script src="https://code.angularjs.org/1.2.24/angular-animate.js"></script>

Set module dependency:

angular.module("myApp", ["ui.bootstrap", "ngAnimate"]);

Now add animation class to your tabset.

<tabset class="tab-animation">
    <tab heading="Tab1">Some content</tab>
    <tab heading="Tab2">Other content</tab>

Put following code into your css file:

/* set reference point */
.tab-animation > .tab-content {
    position: relative;

/* set animate effect */
.tab-animation > .tab-content > .tab-pane{
    transition: 0.2s linear opacity;

/* overwrite display: none and remove from document flow */
.tab-animation > .tab-content > .tab-pane.active-remove {
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    width: 100%;
    display: block;

/* opacity=0 when removing "active" class */
.tab-animation > .tab-content > .tab-pane.active-remove-active {
    opacity: 0;

/* opacity=0 when adding "active" class */
.tab-animation > .tab-content > .tab-pane.active-add {
    opacity: 0;

That's all. You can check the demo on Plunker.

Also take a look at ngAnimate doc.