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RTL Languages support in android and resource qualifiers

I read this sentence " Android 2.3 added support for right-to-left (RTL) languages"
and now I want to add RTL support to my app. But I do not know what is qualifiers to add to my layouts.

About res/values/strings.xml , I can named like this res/values-ar/strings.xml

I want to have different layout for RLT languages. I do not want to have just different strings , I also want different layout. What the layout folder name should look like ?

At this moment for the left to right languages it is named
but I do not know how to name it for RTL languages

Is this kind qualifier is present at all ?

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@Silwek is right. This is his answer, I am merely putting it here because my answer has been marked as answered.

res/layout-ldltr/ (Left to Right, default value)
res/layout-ldrtl/ (Right to Left)

Old Answer

Check Localization and Multiple Screen Support, they give you idea about resource folders and qualifiers.

You can use locale specific resources and layout like this:

For language specific resources:

res/values-fr/strings.xml (French)
res/values-ja/strings.xml (Japanese)

For language specific layouts:

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