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HTML Question

html validation error on equal sign

My html is not validating due to this line:

<div id="thumbsGallery"> [+content+] <a href='image.php?imagepath=[+imagePath+]&amp;title=[+imageTitle+]&amp;description=[+imageDescription+]'> <img src='[+thumbPath+]' alt="thumb path "class='thumb' title='[+imageTitle+]' id="thumb" /> </a> </div>

The message error are these ones: - Couldn't find end of Start Tag img line 10
AND ALSO attributes construct error.

it says the problem is in the = after descprition.

Can someone see the problem?

Answer Source

In your HTML string you have this:

alt="thumb path "class='thumb'

Seems like the validator you're using doesn't like "c (no space), and it treats the whole alt="thumb path "class as an attribute name thus complaining about the equal sign in it.

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