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C# Windows Forms How to keep control's location and size relatively constant to its parent container?

How I need it:

left to right


I don't want to dock it to any of sides basically.

Anchor to all sides:

keeps the corner location constant

Anchor None:

It does keeps the locations relatively constant but doesn't resize them at all.

And I am out of options apart from modifying the Resize event of the container Control and iterate through all its children I believe.

Please show me a cleaner way, thanks.

I will have multiple controls floating in this container. So,

is not an option for this case.

Also, in answer from sam he suggests to manually do the job like I was afraid of. Well, I guess I will have to do it like that.

Which is manually iterating through the children controls on the
event of the container control.

I will mark this as solved although I am not satisfied.

mfc mfc
Answer Source

Final Result:

Resizing done.

I have this class which holds references to the container and its children. Foreign DynoPanel here holds a control inside it.

private readonly Dictionary<string, DynoPanel> children;
public Panel container;
private List<Rectangle> startingRectangles;

public DynoContainer(Control parent)
    children = new Dictionary<string, DynoPanel>();
    container = new Panel
        Dock = DockStyle.Fill
    container.FindForm().ResizeBegin += OnResizeBegin;
    container.Resize += ContainerOnResize;

Here we store the Starting locations and sizes of container and its children on the ResizeBegin event of the mother form:

private void OnResizeBegin(object sender, EventArgs eventArgs)
    startingRectangles = new List<Rectangle>();
    foreach (var dynoPanel in children)

Then according to the new scale factor we calculated, children's locations and sizes are set, conserving the initial ratio on actual Resize event:

private void ContainerOnResize(object sender, EventArgs eventArgs)
    var scale = new PointF(
        (float) container.Width/startingRectangles[0].Width,
        (float) container.Height/startingRectangles[0].Height);
    int index = 1;
    foreach (var panel in children)
        panel.Value.self.Location = new Point(
            (int) (startingRectangles[index].X*scale.X),
            (int) (startingRectangles[index].Y*scale.Y)
        panel.Value.self.Size = new Size(
            (int) (startingRectangles[index].Width*scale.X),
            (int) (startingRectangles[index].Height*scale.Y)
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