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Can we get email ID from Twitter oauth API?

How to get email id of the user who accepted my Twitter application?

I have gone through lot of forums. But they have mentioned, it is not possible. Also those posts are older than a year. May I know whether it is possible to get the user email id through twitter API using PHP?

I am getting Twitter user details using the following URL:

Answer Source

This is now possible by filling out a form to request elevated permissions:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "I need access to special permissions"
  3. Enter Application Name and ID. These can be obtained via -- the application ID is the numeric part in the browser's address bar after you click your app.
  4. Permissions Request: "Email address"
  5. Submit & wait for response
  6. After your request is granted, an addition permission setting is added in your twitter app's "Permission" section. Go to "Additional Permissions" and just tick the checkbox for "Request email addresses from users".

Note that user e-mail address has to be verified, otherwise Twitter refuses to provide it. (See include_email parameter description in elevated permissions doc page.)

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