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Node.js Question

Sign in with Firebase-Admin using node.js

I am trying to sign in with node.js with firebase-admin, but when I look up there API, they only have sections on


They do have sections on how to get the user by email but if i want to sign in a user should I not be verifying also by their password as well. I feel like I am incorrectly reading how to use firebase-admin. My best guess is that I should be using straight Firebase and not the new firebase-admin.


I only want to sign in the user by email (i.e. not by google sign in or facebook login), if that is possible.

Answer Source

The Firebase Admin Node.js SDK (firebase-admin on npm) is for administrative actions like fetching user data or changing a user's email without their existing password. If you just want to sign in as a user, you should use the Firebase client Node.js SDK (firebase on npm).

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