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CSS Question

sass watching multiple directories

What is the right way in sass to watch multiple directories from a shell script?

I have following in a shell script:

sass --style compressed --watch branches/mysite/assets/css/sass:branches/mysite/assets/css &
sass --style compressed --watch branches/mysite2/themes/css/sass:branches/mysite2/themes/css &
sass --style compressed --watch trunk/assets/css/sass:trunk/assets/css

However, this creates 3 processes and when I hit Ctrl+C to stop, not all processes are exited.

How do I get sass to watch multiple directories and exit correctly?

Answer Source

I'm hoping you've already tried it, but you can just add all folders into one command line:

sass --watch path/to/sass1:path/to/css1 path/to/sass2:path/to/css2 path/to/sass3:path/to/css3
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