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Is there a way in Visual Basic to add items from a ListView1 to a ListView2?

did not know how to exactly ask the title question. i have a listview1 box with 2 columns. first column has players name and second column has players scores. listview2 box has the players name and scores from another game. i need to add the score from listview1 to listview2 to give a grand total score of both games and to not add the players name twice but just add the total scores together and have the grand total in listview2. i have tried adding the scores subitems but had no luck. i also have tried clone


but didnt work to add what i need.

anyone have any ideas the best way to do this?
thank you in advanced.

Answer Source

Use a button to transfer data from Listbox 1 to Listbox 2

If you want to transfer ALL items from Listbox 1 to Listbox 2 then you should use 'FOR NEXT LOOP'


Listbox2.Items.Clear() Clear first the data in ListBox 2

then add this loop assuming you want to select all data

For i = 0 To Listbox1.Items.Count - 1


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