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Objective-C Question

ControlTextDidChange not called on setStringValue

I've implemented a delegate and its

method it is called whenever i enter text in the

When I set text programmatically via
[field setStringValue:@"newText"]
is NOT called.

Could you please explain this? And how I should programmatically set a new value that triggers invocation of my delegate's method

Answer Source

The controlTextDidChange delegate is only triggered on user interaction,
updating the NSControl manually does by design not trigger the delegate.

Proper Solution

The solution is to create a separate method to handle the text change:

- (void)myCustomFunction {
     // Triggered in case the text is changed,
     // no matter by user or programmatically

Trigger this method from the delegate:

- (void)controlTextDidChange:(NSNotification *)aNotification {
    [self myCustomFunction];

And in case the text is changed programmatically:

[theField setStringValue:@"text"];
[self myCustomFunction];

Now you can handle both situation within the same method.

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