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Wordpress Visual Composer Strech Row and Direction RTL

When I try to strech row in the row settings in Visual Composer, the row streches, but the position of the row is all wrong.
It happens only when body direction has

css setting.

Website is online: http://ono.devurl.net/?page_id=871

Any way of fixing that?

Yuval.enter image description here

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Yuval Hey !

Try this script to fix your problem.

    if( jQuery('html').attr('dir') == 'rtl' ){
        jQuery('[data-vc-full-width="true"]').each( function(i,v){
            jQuery(this).css('right' , jQuery(this).css('left') ).css( 'left' , 'auto');

Put this script code in jQuery(window).load.

hope this'll help you :)

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