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Javascript Question

Create a 2 levels array in javascript using split

I need to split a string into a two level array (or rather array inside and array with auto keys).

Say the string is:

item 10~item 11~item 12^ item 20~item 21~item 23^

i would like it to be in similar structure
i know php - hense the structure

[0]=> array(
'item 10',
'item 11',
'item 12',
[1]=> array(
'item 20',
'item 21',
'item 22',


the first split looks like this right?

function createDataArray(xData) {
--- WHAT DO I DO HERE? ---


Would appreciate your help

Answer Source

You can simply doing it like this, to get your desired output.

var str = 'item 10~item 11~item 12^ item 20~item 21~item 23^';

var arr = [];
str.split('^').forEach(function(v) {
  if (v) {


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